• The dental extraction is a necessity intervention, being one of the most common procedures in the field of dental medicine.
  • It consists of removing a tooth affected by decay or through traumatic injury, which maintains pathological processes, that can no longer be treated by other conservative methods.
  • Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth is recommended when these teeth maintain pathological processes(cysts, abscesses, etc.) or when they determine crowding of frontal teeth.
  • We also recommend preventive extraction of these teeth before other pathology can occur. Any other treatment method regarding third molars is quite difficult due to their posterior position in the oral cavity and uncertain results over time.
  • The apicoectomy is the last chance for rescuing an infected tooth. It is recommended when endodontic treatment (root canal) is insufficient or has failed to deliver results. This procedure is carried out by the oral surgeon.
  • The procedure consists of an incision followed by the elevation of a muco-periosteal flap. Subsequently, the root tip of the affected tooth is removed, along with any pathological tissue present, and the area is sutured.
  • Cystectomy involves removing a cyst developed in the vicinity of teeth.
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