Improves the appearance of your smile, correcting the position of teeth and bite, so that you will look nicer with your teeth aligned and with an overall better appearance.

Because we emphasize your comfort, we offer you:

Metal Braces

Sapphire braces


What are the stages of orthodontic treatment?

  1. The consultation is carried out by our orthodontics specialist, it takes about 15-20 minutes
  2. An impression is taken, then a gypsum model is manufactured, which renders the shape of the teeth, to be studied by the doctor
  3. X-ray: In order to assess the position and appearance of the jaw bones
  4. Treatment plan: The doctor will develop a treatment plan based on measurements made on the gypsum model and X-rays; depending on the complexity of the case, dental extractions could be recommended
  5. Agreement: The doctor along with the patient agree on the optimal treatment plan
  6. Application of the dental appliance.

What are fixed braces? What is the dental appliance made of?

  • The appliance is made up of brackets, glued to the surface of the tooth, which can be metal or aesthetic (white/transparent)
  • A thin metal archwire fixed by means of elastic or metallic ligatures passes through the middle of the brackets

Metallic Dental Appliance

  • It is a quick treatment solution and delivers very good results
  • The best choice for the treatment of crowded teeth in children and adolescents
  • For your convenience we use small brackets that facilitate better oral hygiene

Transparent dental appliance (Sapphire)

  • It is a modern and less visible alternative
  • It is as resilient as the metallic device
  • No coloring or plaque accumulation

Transparent Aligners – Invisalign

  • Is the high-end treatment of dental malpositions (crowded teeth, spaces between teeth)
  • Consists of wearing several transparent, personalized mouth pieces
  • Do not affect your social life, are comfortable, you can remove them anytime you want for short periods of time

What is the retainer?

  • A mandatory device for patients who underwent orthodontics
  • Its role is to maintain the results long term.
  • The orthodontist recommends it after the fixed appliance stage.

Mouth guard

Hawley Plate

Clear bow

Fixed Retainer


  • On average, a treatment lasts 1.5 to 2 years with monthly activations required.
  • Treatment duration is determined by the doctor depending on the complexity of each case.
  • Treatment duration depends on a number of factors, such as severity of the anomaly, the patient's developmental status and level of cooperation.
  • You can expect a short period of accommodation and a certain degree of discomfort in the first few days.
  • Analgesics can be used during this period of accommodation.
  • You will receive orthodontic wax to reduce the discomfort of the first days.
  • Yes, we recommend professional hygiene appointments every 3-6 months (air flow, scaling and professional brushing).
    • Wear it exactly as your orthodontist indicates
    • Wash it after each meal, but at least once a day with soap and brush
    • While you are not wearing it, you must keep it in its protective box
    • Remove it from your mouth by only pulling the side wires
    • Activate the screw every 7 days
    • Do not eat or chew gum with the device in your mouth
    • Do not perform sporting activities with the device in your mouth
    • Do not miss any activation appointments, if you cannot make it in time, please notify your orthodontist in advance.
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