• Paediatric dental medicine is the branch that deals with treatment of teeth in children.
  • Temporary teeth exert a great influence on permanent teeth, so it is important to carry out periodic checkups to prevent further dental decay.
  • It is important that the first contact with the dentist be made at an early age for gradual familiarity with the dental office, right after eruption of the first temporary teeth. And before any dental pain or need for laborious procedures occurs.
  • During the first visit it is recommended that one of the parents remain with the child so that he can feel safe. For the following appointments we advise the child patient to stay in the office without caregivers, to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. In addition, it is difficult for a small child to pay attention to two people simultaneously (doctor and parent).
  • Dental treatment in children is different compared to adults, with children requiring medical practitioners with experience in paediatric dentistry.
  • The voice of our physicians is calm, and during treatment we distract the child’s anxiety with short funny stories. To stimulate our little patients, we reward them with diplomas and stickers at the end of each appointment.

We combat juvenile stress through:

Designing cartoons in the office
Neutral colors of our dental center
Relaxing music from the waiting room
The voice and attitude of our doctors
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